Local Testimonials

“My placenta pills made such a difference in my postpartum recovery after my second child.  They gave me energy and I didn’t have any postpartum blues like I did after my first baby.  They really are magic!”

– Alicia, San Rafael CA

“Ozzie did a great job making my placenta pills. My milk came in right away and I had no mood swings postpartum- I know the pills only helped! I was very excited to take them and recommend hiring Ozzie to anyone considering it.”

– Jessica, San Rafael CA

“I had placenta pills made after my first birth and noticed immediately how much more emotionally balanced and energetic I was when taking them.  I feel they really help to even out the postpartum hormones and allowed me to get through the days with very little sleep!  I knew that with my second child I’d also want to use placenta pills, so I arranged for Ozzie to process them for me.  Ozzie picked up my placenta within several hours after my son was born and had them back to me the same day, beautifully packaged and with easy to understand instructions right on the glass jar.  In six weeks time, she had a placenta tincture for me that I use now and again now that the placenta pills are used up.  I highly recommend Ozzie to make your magic happy pills! ”

-M.H., San Rafael, CA

“I admit that although I am a doula, I was still skeptical about if taking the placenta pills Ozzie prepared for me would have any positive effect on my postpartum. I decided to have her encapsulate my placenta from my second pregnancy purely as an experiment!  and because I knew it could not hurt, and I was AMAZED with the results. I started taking my capsules 3 days after my son’s birth and felt an immediate effect. My mood was brighter, I felt more rested (even when I wasn’t,) and my milk supply was great. I would recommend encapsulation to anyone willing to give it a chance, You will be glad you did.”

Julia, Mill Valley CA

“I chose Ozzie for placenta encapsulation for the birth of my third baby and placenta!  I believed in the effects of placenta encapsulation because I have seen so many of my own clients experience positive results–less postpartum depression, more energy and an abundant milk supply.  Ozzie was quick to pick up and deliver back pills.  I now recommend her services to all of my clients looking for a professional, reliable and friendly service for placenta encapsulation.”

Tara Brooke CD (DTI)