I recommend talking to your primary care provider prior to the birth about the placenta and include it in your birth plan. Put a copy of your birth plan in your hospital bag.

After you have paid for your products, I will get in touch with you.

Please keep a cooler in your car!   Hospitals do not allow the placenta to remain in the birthing room (biohazard).  You will also need to store the placenta in the cooler on ice if your delivery is in the late night hours.  I will pick up in the morning.

Have your support person get in touch with me (via text message) when you have
gone into labor (regardless of time).  They should keep me updated throughout the labor as well.

I will pick up the placenta from the hospital, curb-side.  Or your support person and I can make arrangements.

I will drop off the pills, curb-side to the hospital or to your home within 48 hours.