In Balance With Nature

In the wild, most mammals eat their placentas after giving birth.  Partially it’s survival — they need to clean up evidence of a recent birth so that predators don’t prey on their young.  Additionally, there are significant health benefits to the mother that can be both immediate and long term. Yes, we aren’t animals, and no one is expecting you to pick up your placenta after your baby is born and just take a bite.  Encapsulation is a much more palatable way to do this.

Health Benefits

  • It contains lots of nutrients and hormones
  • It can help to balance your hormones and eliminate postpartum depression
  • It can increase energy
  • It can reduce your postpartum healing time
  • It can increase your milk supply and make richer milk
  • It can reduce symptoms at menopause

Women who have encapsulated their placentas have reported much less postpartum depression than other women.  Some women who have suffered from postpartum depression have specifically had their placentas encapsulated in future pregnancies to avoid it — successfully.

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