Postpartum Support in a Pill

Congratulations!  You are entering the most incredible journey of your life.

You might be feeling excited, impatient and euphoric.  You may also be feeling nervous, anxious and overwhelmed.  All of these feelings are 100% normal!  You are about to go through an enormous life change, both physically and emotionally.

The postpartum period is a sensitive time, full of ups and downs.  Learning to care for a human being that is 100% dependent on you with very little sleep, little hands on training and limited support is what most mothers are facing these days.

If you haven’t heard of placenta encapsulation yet, let me introduce you to an easy and quick option that can help support you during the postpartum period.


It contains rich nutrients and hormones
It may help to balance your hormones and eliminate postpartum depression
It may increase energy
It may reduce your postpartum healing time

It may increase your milk supply and make richer milk

Those who have encapsulated their placentas have reported much less postpartum depression than others.  Many  have suffered from postpartum depression previously, and have specifically had their placentas encapsulated in future pregnancies to avoid it — successfully.